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Consulting Services

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Find solutions without overthinking

The objective of our consulting work is to help you or your organization find creative solutions to your dilemmas, without overthinking. 

The consulting and coaching service I provide draws on my experience as a psychotherapist and what I have learned from my training with meditation, breathwork, and improv theatre.

Consulting: Services

What to expect

The approach is grounded in the understanding that we hold every possible solution within us and we cannot come to the solutions we are looking for by relying on our thinking. In fact, our thinking often gets in the way of finding the solution we desire most. An alternative to this thinking approach is to develop a free-from-rational-thinking approach that allows you to access non-ordinary states of consciousness and to trust that you have the solution to all the dilemmas you face inside of you.


Using tools such as breathwork, meditation, and nature I will support you or your team out of your rational thinking mind into finding solutions from a deeper and wiser part of yourselves. Through compassion, empathy, and presence, we will discover the solutions you require together.


Personalized Consulting Services

Consulting services can look vastly different as they depend entirely on the issues, motivations, and degree of involvement of the clients. This is why I don’t offer prescriptive solutions. Instead, I intend to support you to connect deep within yourselves to find the solutions you are looking for.

Consulting and coaching are not psychotherapy and should not be a replacement for psychotherapy.

Contact us

If you want to find solutions without getting stuck in overthinking we would be happy to support you, please contact us. Your first consult is always free.

Wooden House in the Forest
“A person who thinks all the time has nothing to think about except thoughts. So he loses touch with reality, and lives in a world of illusion.”
- Alan Watts
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