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Coaching Services

Find solutions from within you.

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The objective of our coaching work is to support you in developing your mindfulness skills and taking action toward finding your own solutions.

The consulting and coaching service I provide draws on my experience with meditation and breathwork.

Core Principles of My Approach to Coaching

1. A Non-Psychotherapeutic Approach


The coaching I provide is not a treatment of any kind. Individuals do not seek coaching as a means of treatment but a means of guidance or support in finding solutions, taking action, or making big changes in their lives. Further, The coaching clients I work with have, or are interested in developing a mindfulness meditation practice. 

Examples of situations where coaching might be helpful with:

i) Having trouble following through on goals

ii) You simply do not know where to begin in your life

iii) You are unable to define a clear vision

iv) Your health, career, or relationships are unsatisfying

v)  The passion you once had in your life is gone.

Coaching services are offered internationally and online.

Coaching services at Question should not be used as a replacement or substitute for psychotherapy.



2. Trust: The Solutions Are Inside of You

The work I do is guided by the understanding that you know the answers you seek and I can only support you to get to them. Learning to trust that you have the solutions will help you find them. The Practice of meditation will be the tool we come back to help explore what that solution is and how to approach these challenges with the insights you develop in your practice.  


3. Listening & Presence

In my work, I strive to listen from a place of presence that is not distracted but attuned to you to understand you and your needs. 




4. Authenticity

Creating space where you can be your most authentic self is an intention in the work I provide. 



5. Action


When we are trying to make changes in our lives, some of the biggest problems come from being frozen and the immobility of not taking any sort of action at all. We will work together to help mobilize you into taking even small steps toward your goals.



6. Safety

In order for you to feel like you can express yourself and find the solutions you are looking for, you are going to need to feel safe. This work is grounded in providing a space that is trauma informed and consent driven at every step of the way. 

 Through compassion, empathy, and presence, we will discover the solutions you require together.

Mindfulness Meditation Based Coaching Services

Coaching services at Question can look vastly different as they depend entirely on the issues, motivations, and degree of involvement of the clients. Yet Mindfulness Meditation is at the core of the practice and will be the core skill developed in our relationship.

Contact us

If you want to take action, find solutions and make big changes and looking for coaching services to support you, please contact us. Your first consult is always free.

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